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Not Your Traditional Massage

Most adults have had a massage at some point in their lifetime. However, traditional massages leave many of us wishing for just a little bit more (or perhaps a lot more). Most traditional massage spas have very strict guidelines and policies about what their masseuses can and cannot do. Their guidelines cover many areas including draping policies, clothing policies and touching policies. The business puts these policies in place to protect the business from any liability. Traditional massage business offer a valuable service and nothing should be construed as minimizing the value they offer.

However, a large population of clients exist who wish there weren’t so many rules, policies and guidelines. If you fall into this population, then you have come to the right place to learn about Sensual Massage.

What is a Sensual Massage?

Sensual Massage is interpreted as many different things. In simple terms, Sensual Massage is traditionally a massage taken to another level with less rules governing the experience.

During a Sensual Massage, there is a tighter bond established between the client and the Sensual Massage Provider. The session incorporates all of the aspects of a traditional massage (including deep tissue massage). However, the key difference is a Sensual Massage eliminates most of the rules governing what areas of the body can be touched and massaged. You can think of Sensual Massage as just another form of art. Many massage artists find themselves too restricted by the rules governing traditional massage. It’s like telling an artist to only paint on part of a canvas but the rest is “untouchable”. 

Sensual Massage opens up the entire canvas to the artist. This creates an unlimited environment for unlimited expression of their talent. Fortunately, this also creates an unlimited opportunity for the client to enjoy an amazing experience while appreciating the art. While exploring Sensual Massage as a form of art is a fun exercise, let’s get back down to the basics.

To succinctly define Sensual Massage, you could describe it in this way:

“Sensual Massage combines massage and touch (using hands and/or body) to create a full body experience of relaxation, arousal and stress relief.”

Health Benefits of a Sensual Massage

People pursue Sensual Massage for many reasons. Below are just a few of the many reasons why a Sensual Massage might make sense for you:

Sensual Massage has many health benefits. It boosts blood flow all across the body and reduces the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body. Sensual Massage also increases oxytocin (a hormone involved with feelings of affection and bonding). In addition, regular massage leads to improved immune function and better general health overall.

Improved Productivity

Many business professionals work long hours, travel frequently or deal with continuous sources of stress in their daily activities. Having a healthy outlet to reduce stress levels results in increased focus and productivity.

Improved Relations With Your Partner

Sensual Massage improves relations with your partner or spouse in many ways:

Mutual Trust

The ideal way to experience Sensual Massage is experiencing it together. Sessions are held in the same room allowing your partner to experience the benefits of a Sensual Massage which helps bring couples closer together. Eliminating the traditional roles of jealousy and fear in relationships is a powerful aphrodisiac. Showing mutual trust and respect for each other in this way takes your relationship to a whole new level.

Resolving Health or Functional Issues

I see many clients who come to me with real world health or functional issues. These issues prevent them from enjoying normal sexual relations with their partner. In many cases, the couple is completely committed to each other but recognize the functional limits of their situation. They don’t want their partner limited in their ability to enjoy sensual activities.

Sexual Imbalance

Perhaps you and your partner are not “on the same page” when it comes to sexual activity. I have many clients in this situation. They are committed to their partner and have no intention of ever leaving them. However, a clear imbalance exists in the sexual drive within the relationship. In every relationship there is one partner with a stronger sex drive than the other partner. Consequently, selecting a professional and discreet Sensual Massage Provider creates a solution. When one partner receives a regular Sensual Massage it actually reduces the amount of stress and frustration in the relationship. This opens the door for future growth and intimacy in the relationship.

I could go on and on about the benefits of Sensual Massage but the best way to know the benefits is to actually experience them. Get in touch today to start your journey of healing and exploring your sensual side.