Soul2Soul Bodywork


"With the current state of our country, let alone the world, everyone (most of us) have quite a bit of stress in their life. Having a way to destress and relax can be challenging for most but with a disability it can be downright impossible. I have multiple disabilities with mental health being the biggest one I struggle with. Trust and judgement is a big stressor for me which makes it difficult to relax during a normal massage. I found Chelle's website while searching for alternative ways of dealing with my condition. Surprisingly enough, just touring her website helped slightly with my anxiety and got my mind to be quiet for a minute. I was intrigued by the Japanese Nuru Massage she offered. A Nuru Massage puts both you and the masseuse on equal terms in vulnerability since you are BOTH naked. Chelle is very passionate and professional when it comes to her craft. She is truly trying to help people by removing some of the hypocritical tension inducing boundaries/rules that come with traditional massage therapy, at least in the United States. The heat in the room and her touch made the stress just melt out of my body. I am very thankful to have met and spent time with Chelle.  Hope to see her again!"

- Ryan (El Paso, TX)

"The experience that I had during our session was one of the most initimate erotic experiences I have ever had! Completely amazing and looking forward to our future sessions"

- Tim (Salt Lake City, UT)

"I had gotten bored with the regular massages and wanted to try something different. I read Chelle's ad for Nuru and it looked interesting so I thought I would give it a shot. I tell you it was the most awesome and amazing experience I've ever had in massage. Not only has it helped improve my body with circulation but I noticed I don't have that nagging pain in my legs and lower back!"

- Brian (Chicago, IL)

"Nuru is/was a new intimacy experience for me. Time spent with Chelle is wonderful. In addition to knowing her craft well there's good conversation and laughs to be had"

- Vinnie